What’s easy? These wounds-

Open empty with silence.

Words swell them love-shut. 

Modern Diary (a haiku)

There isn’t a lock,

It’s just scattered— did you check

FB? Instagram?


Where are you this moment?

I need to duck out- 

Slip out of myself, for the night. 

Here’s a game:

You play yourself, standing 

at the bathroom sink. 

I can be the mix of water

and leftover toothpaste you gargle.

Or I’ll be your mirror, the last glimpse

Of your face as you turn. 

His shirt says TUNA KILLR.

His shirt says TUNA KILLR.

To Poetry, IV

Anymore, all I
Ever feel is guilt. All you
Feel is everything.

To Poetry, III (a haiku)

Something about touch.
Something about the unknown.
Something about pears.

scrambled (a haiku)

grab the spatula

scrape me across the floor i’ll

harden over time

Nothing Profound (two haikus)

There’s more than one way
To live. Aside from breathing,
What are the secrets?

Don’t let a good quote
Fuck with you- we all have some
Quotable advice.

In June I Get Overwhelmed (a haiku)

My grandparents’ ditch
Is filled with forget-me-nots.
Tell me what that means.

To Poetry, II (a haiku)

I live one million
Poems a minute and this
Is all I bring you.